About Annie

Who I am and what I ride

Hi, I really, really like bikes. But I suppose that should be pretty obvious.

To be a bit more specific, I'm a cyclist now from Austin, TX. I gained my first love of bikes immediately out of college living in the Bay Area, and as I've moved from there home to Dallas, and then Austin, my love for bikes has grown. I worked in the bike department of a major outdoor retailer for about 3 years, and even though I've left the bike shop, my heart has stayed firmly two-wheeled.

I mostly ride a Surly Long Haul Trucker named the TARDIS, after Doctor Who's ship - it's blue, can take him anywhere in time and space, and is quite literally part of him. I can relate. It's been through multiple incarnations and spec changes, and all of them have been great.  Here's the current version:

As it's aged, I've come to love it's scratches, the stuff that's come off my hands onto the handlebar tape, and it's general look of use.

This is Shadow, my former road bike. I used her for distance rides, staying in shape, and going way, way too fast. I've bought her in 2009 and have logged several thousand miles on her. She was my ticket to cycling as a permanent part of my life.  I recently sold her, as she had become a really cool-looking dust catcher since I got the Surly.

How I Ride

I came to cycling the same way a LOT of people do - I was dating a cyclist. I got a bike, then another, then replaced both of those, then got a road bike, then built a touring bike and before I knew it, I had amassed both a history and collection of bikes that had outlived the relationship that got the whole thing started. I am largely a commuter and recreational road cyclist, but I'm basically willing to try anything if it has two wheels!

I'm also fairly involved in teaching others to ride, and to date this has included friends, my family, and a few total strangers.  This blog was a natural extension of my love of bringing others to the bike.

Why Yay Bikes!

I started this blog because I seem to spend a lot of my time thinking, talking, riding, buying, building, and selling bikes. I believe it's a ticket to freedom and mobility, it's a cheap, convenient way to get around, and it's a hell of a lot of fun. It's brought a lot of things to my life and I hope in some small way this blog helps bring it to yours.