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I own an embarrassing number of bicycles and an astonishing array of parts that are no longer in service, mostly because I'm fickle. In the interest of keeping clutter to a minimum occasionally some of that stuff will be for sale. I'm posting them here along with what I'd like to get for them. I'll do my level best to include photos of everything. All items located in Austin, TX and any shipping is to be paid by buyer.

Currently Available

Complete Bikes

Trek 7.1 FX - $400

This is a hybrid bicycle, just about perfect for commuting, fitness riding, and general pavement use.  It's in nearly-new condition, with less than 1000 miles total, has been maintained by Mellow Johnny's bike shop, and stored indoors for the whole year of it's life. Features v-brakes, nice wide gearing (gear ratio chart available here). This is a men's bike, 20" frame. Will fit someone in the 5'11" area.

Components & Accessories

As shown in the pictures above, these are my prior set of handlebars from the Long Haul Trucker - they're in great shape and will be excellent bars for someone looking for something between a flat and a drop bar. The front curve is excellent for achieving a very aero position and the braking position is quite powerful, while still offering flexibility in terms of seating position. Compatible with road brake levers and bar-end shifters.

Drop Handlebars - $15

The seemingly nameless stock, drop handlebars which came with the Surly.  The shape is pretty typical for touring with flat ramps and a traditionally shaped drop bar. They are compatible with road levers and bar-end shifters.  Quite comfy for long distances, I never experienced any issues with hand numbness or wrist pain on these bars.

Wald Basket - $20

It will handily hold 2 grocery bags side by side.

This basket is the size "Huge" shown in the link, dimensions 13" x 18" x 6". This basket holds an astonishing amount of stuff without blinking, and has hauled cases of beer, dog toys, barbecue supplies....for starters. It's a bit big to mount on the front of my bike, so I'm letting it go. On the bike it doesn't rattle around, and creates no wind resistance that I've been able to notice. 

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