Monday, July 4, 2011

Return of the Roadie

I have a confession. For some years I was a dedicated, spandex-wearing road cyclist (basically until I moved to Austin 8 months ago). Since I came to Austin, I've spent a large amount of time tooling about town, flirting with the city itself from the back of my bike. Saturday, I brought back a piece of myself I'd started to forget.

Before work that morning I attached a small bag to the underside of my saddle. I put on cycling shorts, a jersey, a watch, gloves, sunglasses, cycling shoes. I attached my frame pump to its bracket, mounted my lights, filled bottles with water. I filled my tires with air and last but not least, put on my helmet, and set off the whopping 3.5 miles to work. I worked several hours and then at last, Shadow and I set off into the heat of the day towards downtown Austin.

On my arrival, in a delightful twist of fate, I ran into a dear friend of mine. After some time spent socializing later, Sunshine McSparklepants, her boyfriend Mr. Sunshine McSparklepants, and myself set off on our roadbikes for A Ride. A real ride. One like I haven't taken many of in the time since my move.

Rolling hills. Quick descents leading immediately into steep inclines. And not a damn bit of practicality in all of that. It felt awesome. In that spirit, I am registering for the Wurst Ride. I need something to train for. I need some speed, and some impracticality in my life. I need to road ride.

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