Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would That It Were

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Austin City Limits music festival. As I'm sure you have guessed, I attended con velo, and was able to take some astoundingly mediocre cell phone pictures of the truly impressive bike parking facilities. In all sincerity, the quantity and variety of bikes at this music festival was truly a feast for the eyes for a bike nerd like me. I apologize for the worse-than-usual quality of these pictures - you must understand I was drunk for most of them. For instance, behold!

It's a Gazelle! Live and in person! I had never actually seen a Dutch bike in person, but somehow, sitting chained up to a pole outside a music festival, wet from a brief rain, it looked right at home. Welcome to Texas, Holland!

I attended ACL one day last year as well, which is when I was initially struck by the availability of bike parking. As in, two areas each respectively the size of a football field, nothing but bike racks. Is this what the entirety of the Netherlands looks like? What if it were normal, whole parking lots of bikes. I had to look for parking, for crying out loud. That's no surprise to car users, but to a cyclist that's grounds for shock. Check it out.

The TARDIS hangin' out with all the other bikes.

An admittedly glare-riffic picture, but ignore that. Look at the pure scale. You had to wander around and look for your bike.

This one I took before drinking on the third day. This is actually on the opposite side of the park. Yes, there were two parking lots this big, For bikes.

I want every street to have one.

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