Saturday, November 5, 2011

The only Skirtguard in Texas

Today I finally finished a project I started almost 2 months ago - I set out to create a set of skirtguards forbthe Surly.

For the currently confused, a skirtguard is a really, really practical accessory. They're basically panels that cover the upper part of your rear wheel, thus keeping flappy clothing safe and you looking ever so fly.

Behold what I have created!


  1. nice bike skirt. how is it attached?

    it seems that you are in austin? how nice that i found you! im a native austinite and i just bought my first bike :) i am so excited to start riding, although i still have a lot to learn. looking forward to more!


  2. It's attached using a keyring, binder clips, and zip ties. Admittedly though, mine was a bit loose and I don't think the binder clips are going to hold up well to abuse, so I may have to find another solution.