Friday, March 23, 2012

Ride to Work for Fun

Wednesday at my job we had a bit of a mixer after work, with food, drinks, door prizes, and a photographer.  Being that it was about 10 minutes away, I hopped on my trusty steed and headed to a work function.  It's worth noting that while the weather is warming rapidly, it's still cool at night and worth bringing a jacket.

When I rolled up, they actually had bike racks available!  I may have been the only one using it, but it got used, darn it.  One thing that often baffles my coworkers is that I ride a bike quite frequently, but almost never "look like it".  I'm not sweaty, or covered in reflective clothing (bike lights is another story), and while my hair is always kind of a hot mess, I'd be lying if I blamed that on my cycling.

Here I am at my work function, after a couple beers and my own typical luck while trying to win a door prize (that is to say, I went home empty handed).  To modify the slogan of my former employers, there's almost never a bad time to ride.

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