Monday, June 4, 2012

Four years later and still going

A lot can change in 4 years.  4 years ago, I had just graduated college and was gut-turningly anticipating my next adventure - moving to California, both because it's where I wanted to be, and because there was a guy there.  I got there, and the guy was a cyclist.  So were a lot of his friends.  So I did what a lot of girls do - I got a bike to try and hang out with my cyclist boyfriend.  That bike turned into a bike from Craigslist, which many bikes later, has become the TARDIS.

As soon as I got my first "Good" bike, I started riding to work as well as for fun and to impress the boyfriend.  California really does have phenomenal weather.  Many months later though, everything sort of folded in on itself and I found myself broke, heart broke, and generally in need of repair.  So I came home, but when I came home, I brought two bikes, a car rack, and several thousands of miles in my legs.  So to get over the breakup, I rode.  There were rides where I broke down and cried halfway through because it killed me to ride alone.  So I kept riding, on the assumption things couldn't suck forever.  It took my mind off my problems and depression.  What do you know, eventually I could ride for me again.

Eventually, I started training for rides.  I woke up before dawn and stood on bridges watching the sunrise.  I moved to Austin, and I started this blog.  A year of blogging later, here I am.  And 4 years of living, two things have stayed the same.  My dog Guinness, and my cycling.  I am a lucky lass.

I also take one horrible Panda shot.

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