Friday, October 12, 2012

Pushin' Pedals

In the project of building the Surly to my exact specs, the one piece that had never come together were the pedals.  As many of you know, a Surly doesn't come with pedals and when I built the bike, I'd just spent a whole bunch of money on clipless pedals for the Cannondale, a rack for the Surly, Brooks Saddle, and so on - there wasn't a lot of spare cash laying around for pedals.

So, I threw the original platform pedals that came with the Cannondale on the Surly and never looked back.  That is to say, a set of black plastic Wellgos I'd dented on a curb at some point or another.  And until a little while ago, that's what I'd had on the bike.

However (despite my recent lack of things to say), I never stop biking and questioning my setup, and have been getting a decent amount of numbness in my feet recently.  I was also tired of constantly scratching my legs and feet up while wearing sandals and shorts, the uniform for Austin in the summer. I snooped.  I browsed.  I eventually sat, trapped between the MKS Touring, the MKS Grip King, and the MKS RMX, also known as the "Sneaker Pedal."  All beautiful, all well-made.

The Sneaker Pedal caught my eye for a few reasons - the biggest being price.  At $28.00, they were similarly priced to many "cheapo" pedals that work fine, but didn't bring quite what I wanted.  They had a nice big platform in a BMX shape, and no sharp edges to destroy my shoes and scratch me up.  They had MKS quality, meaning they spin smoothly and work without issue.!  After much pondering, I ordered them and installed them while sitting on the floor of my living room as my boyfriend watched my enthusiasm with amusement.

I've had the pedals on about a month and feel I can finally comment on them.  The issues I was experiencing with numbness in my feet seems to have cleared up, which is great!  They seem to grip my shoes just fine, and I never have the sensation of being on "the wrong side", which can happen with some platform style pedals with no foot retention.

One thing I like about these pedals is they're very easy to find with my feet without looking.  This goes with the no-scratches thing - the majority of scratches I've gotten from pedals happened while I was trying to "find" the pedal with my foot and watch traffic at the same time.  My old pedals also had a side that was comfy, and a side that poked weirdly, even with shoes on.  These ones I can ride in barefoot!

The Wellgos from my Cannondale served me well for years, but I've already given them away to a coworker, because I'm never going back to the land of numb feet and weird nubby feelings in the soles of my shoes.

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