Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walkin' round the block

Recovery from a major cardiac incident sucks.  It involves a lot of sitting around not going for bike rides.  I'm also restricted from anything with a major risk of falling, and major temperature differences give me the woozies when my blood pressure changes quickly so just about everything I do for fun is currently a tad problematic.  But last night I had a small first baby step towards normalcy!

I walked my dogs.  That's it.  It's so non-dramatic it barely warrants a comment except that right now, that's the most normal thing I've done in weeks.  And I was fine, the whole time!  I waited until the sun had cooled off a bit, leashed my pups up, and off we went.

Shiner doesn't like it when the sun is set to "Broil"
I wish there were something to report.  The dogs were not as well-behaved as usual due to being more or less cooped up for two weeks, and I was walking a little less briskly than usual.  But otherwise, we went for a nice stroll around the block, they sniffed stuff, then we watched our local sports team play basketball.  It's just really, really nice to feel like things might go back to normal soon.

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