Monday, June 6, 2011

Falling flat

Today I suffered the most inconvenient of cyclist inconveniences. I got a flat! Certainly not a catastrophe, but it was rather disheartening in the 100 degree weather to walk up to the TARDIS and lo and behold, it's not up for business. So I wheeled it over into the grass, sat down, applied a patch, and got out my little frame pump.

For some reason, I couldn't get the tire to hold air. And being as hot as it was and as dirty as my hands got (rode home in yet another rainfall the other day - my drivetrain is disgusting), I did not have the patience to take the wheel aaaaaall the way back off, pull the tire off, check the tube for holes, patch them, let the glue dry, and then sit with earth's crappiest travel-sized pump trying to get my tire to reinflate.

Long story short, I ended up walking home today 2 miles in 100 degree weather. I apparently lack patch-based kung fu.

What are your best strategies or stories related to flat tires?

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