Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Huge In Europe

I seem to eternally be on the hunt for the perfect accessories for my bikes. Because I ride a relatively relaxed bike in a relatively relaxed fashion, I tend to go for pure practicality in my cycling accessories, with an eye towards aesthetics. That is, weirdly, actually pretty difficult to find without contacting some specialty vendors, and if you can actually find what you're looking for, paying through the nose.

My current quest, if you want to call it that, is finding a skirt guard to fit the TARDIS. A skirt guard is a panel that attaches to either side of your rear fender, basically to keep long flappy articles of clothing from snagging in the spokes of your rear wheel. As I've mentioned (and mentioned, and mentioned), it's hotter than the fires of hell outside and as such I seem to be wearing a fair amount of loose, flappy skirts. What can I say, they breathe well.

The problem with this is in the circumstance that my skirt snags in my rear wheel, there is a strong likelihood of me going over the handlebars (and that's not to mention the embarrasment of sudden public depansting). The skirt guard would solve this problem, and they appear on just about every European city bike, because they're intended to be ridden in whatever you happen to have on. The problem here is those bikes have a different wheel size, and do not use rim brakes, and those are the kind of bikes with which skirt guards are compatible.

So my quest now is to either find or fabricate a nice-looking skirt guard for my bike without spending many $$$. Two fairly specialist bike vendors have already informed me I may well just be out of luck. Bummer.

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