Monday, April 23, 2012

Trail Remix

Yesterday, I'm not sure what seized her, but a family member of my boyfriend decided she hasn't ridden her bike in about a year and gave it to me.  My reaction was mostly summed up with almost trying to climb the wall to get it down, and then grinning at it all stupid-like.

Since my vehicular cycling has been curtailed, I've been at a loss on how to ride a bike, which is almost criminal in the spring weather.  The thing is this - I STARTED riding as a commuter in the Bay Area, and that's mostly how I've stayed.  As a dedicated commuter, I had the sort of pride in it a roadie gets the first time they go ahead and shave their legs.  I'm all-in.  All cards on the table.  The puppy, however, has to go outside on my lunch break, so I'm currently driving to work and back (holy shit, how do people afford gas regularly?!)  So how do I do this again?

The mountain bike in question is a 2001 Trek Fuel, a full-suspension cross-country bike with racing geometry featuring rim brakes, a Manitou SX-R front fork and a Fox Float rear shock.  It's a bit older, as full suspension mountain bikes go, but still an incredible bike for me to learn to mountain bike on.  The trails at Walnut Creek are absolutely perfect for me to learn on, so I suddenly find myself with a mountain bike and trails next to my house.  Guess I'll be spending some time there after work!

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