Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yay Bikes! - a 1 year update!

Hurray!  It's bike to work month, which also means this blog is a year old!  This Friday is Bike To Work Day, and for once in my life, I'll be participating despite not having bike commuted since Shiner came to live with me.  As he's getting older, my ability to go for rides has returned, and Sunday found me casually cruising around a path a couple miles from my house enjoying the sensation of getting my legs back.

So here we are once again in Bike to Work Month, and on a personal level, I've noticed even more cyclists than usual this spring!  This has included a fabulously fashionable lady riding a beach cruiser, a chap in a cap moseying down Burnet, and multiple run-ins with the same Gazelle Toer Populaire in downtown Austin.

In my own cycling universe, I've sold the Cannondale, acquired a 58-or-so cm 1978 Schwinn Le Tour III as a rebuild project, a 2001 Trek Fuel full suspension, and have started learning the basics of riding off road, though not with nearly enough frequency to yet merit a post.  Once the Schwinn is rebuilt, I'm going to be offering it as a gift to a tall person who needs a bike and doesn't have the scratch for a new one, but will appreciate a true American classic.

In less happy news, my trunk rack (which was a Yakima King Joe 3 that saw me through moving home from California, moving from Dallas to Austin, and many less epic adventures in between), was stolen while I was washing my car about a month ago!  Super-lame.

In the last year, I've gained a boyfriend, taught him, his cousin, and my sister to ride, given my mom an Electra Townie 8i, and generally kept it real and two-wheeled.  I've also managed to more or less keep up with this blog.  So happy birthday, little blog!

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