Friday, May 18, 2012

National Bike To Work Day 2012

Today being National Bike to Work Day, I decided to bike to work, rather than attend to my responsibilities.  My company had been promoting Bike to Work day all month, with promises of continental breakfast and possibly prizes, so this morning my boyfriend and I got our stuff together a tad earlier than usual and hopped on our bikes to head to work.

I was a tad nervous, as I haven't ridden to work regularly in a couple months, but have not changed my eating habits AT ALL.  So yeah, I've gained a bit of weight since March.  But once I shook some of the cobwebs out of my legs, getting to work was (pardon the idiom) like riding a bike - it just came back to me.

We arrived at work to find a delightful spread - there were bagels and lox, parfaits, homemade granola bars, OJ, infused water, free socks.....basically, the works.  A delightful array of bikes were in attendance,  including commuters, touring bikes, hybrids, single speeds - every stripe of common American commuter bike came out for the occasion.  While in my mind I often criticize the "Bike To Work Day Commuter" as Amateur hour, this year I got to try it from that side of the fence - I haven't commuted in a couple months and pulled my bike out just for the day.  I freely admit the cockles of my heart may have even warmed a few degrees.

At lunch today I took a walk with my phone and took pictures of some of the bike racks on our campus - this morning, the rack by the door was a fight for parking this morning!

There were some Packed Racks (as opposed to Rat Packs!):

There were bikes of many stripes, some of which shed the elitist need for a rack at all:

There was a flock of fancy road bikes locked up together, front wheels chained to the back

And, proving that people are always people, the inconveniently located racks (like crappy parking spaces) were mostly abandoned.

Happy National Bike to Work day, one and all!


  1. I enjoyed finding a picture of my bike in this post. It's the black bike with the rack and the white saddle in front of building 4. I wouldn't call it a fancy road bike, but I have fun riding it to work.

  2. Hooray! Glad you found it, and even gladder you ride your bike to work :)