Monday, May 13, 2013

From Bad to Worse

Something I don't know if I've shared on this blog is that I am really, really injury-prone.  If you put a lamp cord somewhere I'm not expecting it, I will trip over it and probably sprain something.

So it came as no surprise that I managed to hurt myself literally by being forced to sit still too long while on the plane to Europe.  I hadn't moved on the plane in a while, which put a cramp in my leg, which turned into a giant ball of tightness.  Then, when the plane landed, I stood up.  This led to a pulled calf muscle right behind my knee, which led to limping and general leg-related suckage my entire trip.

As I got home, my leg had mostly started to clear up on it's own.  I've taken it on several 10+ mile rides and been fine.  However, earlier this week I went and did some upper-body weight lifting, and have managed to pull a muscle somewhere in my ribcage.  Breathing hurts.  Sleeping hurts.  Coughing, laughing, and eating hurt.  So this morning at 4:45 AM when my alarm went off to ride into work a combination of exhaustion from trying to sleep through an inability to breathe deeply and a fear of the hill on the way in got me into my car.

I swear, I'm such a sissy.

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