Friday, May 10, 2013

Rider On The Storm

My commute this morning was rather dramatic!  Despite doom-and-gloom forecasts of thunderstorms, I'm definitely feeling the bike-to-work lately so I shoved my raingear into panniers and away I went.

It turns out one of the real pains of my commute Wednesday wasn't that I'm out of shape (though no matter how in shape I get I remain painfully slow).  It turned out I was running about 15 PSI in my tires.  Oops.  So with newfound air in my tires and protective swishy material around me off into the early morning darkness I pedaled.

About halfway through my ride to work, thunder cracked and lightning flashed, and I felt tiny drops hit my arms.  Now just for the uninitiated - in Texas we do not have gentle weather.  Rain in particular is unpredictable.  Thunder and lightning can predicate huge torrential showers, or nothing at all.  In this case, it didn't do much other than sprinkle the entire rest of the ride.  But it did give me a spectacular light show the whole way in.  That's as much scary as it is impressive.

Despite the ominous conditions, it was actually a really pleasant ride (aside from the whole not-in-biking-shape thing).  The last year I hadn't been commuting, mostly due to the time constrictions of puppy-raising.  I forgot how much I enjoy being out in a potential storm.

Office Bike hides from the storm.

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