Monday, July 16, 2012

A visit to Dallas, a revisit to the Electra Townie

I spent this weekend in Dallas, and in a mission to provide more detailed photos to go with the prior review of the Electra Townie 8i owned by my mom in Dallas.  The bike is a couple years old and my mom stores it in their shed, which means it's not exposed to water, but humidity is a factor.  There were no signs of dry rot in the tires and the only wear has been a bit of rust on a few bolts. 

And now for some pictures!

 From the non-drive side

From the drive side where you can clearly see the hockey stick chainguards.

 Closeup of the chainguard

This is written on the seat stay - flat foot technology is a patented Electra technology and they seem to be pretty proud of it.

Really, they really emphasize the positioning in the branding.

 The headtube badge

 Shimano Nexus 8 internally geared hub, the same one found on just about any 8-speed internally geared bike made. 

Finally, the pictures to go with the review! 

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