Friday, January 11, 2013

Fenders, Fixed!

A while back you may recall my whinging regarding the noisy-ass rattle produced by my fenders.  I emailed Velo Orange customer service, who replied that I was in fact missing an entire part, called a "cup washer" - specifically designed to prevent my very problem.  It was arranged for them to send me a pair, which I received longer ago than I care to admit.

Today I dragged the workstand into the kitchen, put my bike up in it, and got to work straightening out my rattle issue.  In the process I realized the poor thing hadn't been cleaned since Obama's first term, and gave it a wash.

Ready for surgery, doctor.
This is the rear fender before disassembly,
 external view.
The bolt that holds on the fender.  This is the front fender, but the assembly is identical on both ends.

After re-assembling the fender, here it is with the cup washer installed (front fender).

All put back together and cleaned up!
I took the bike for a test ride around my neighborhood, and deliberately rode it over gravel, a few pot holes, speed bumps, and washboard bits of pavement.  It's totally silent!  In fact, after years of the rattle in the background, it was almost creepy.  I felt like a ninja on wheels.

So, my fenders are now fixed, and I look forward to many more years of service from them.

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