Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rest in Peace, back tire

Today is absolutely glorious outside.  65 degrees with a sun so sunny it makes Sunny D look downright cloudy.  On my way home, a song in my heart, I excitedly anticipated the ride I'd take.  Would I go south?  North?  Northwest?  The world seemed my oyster, my only limits, my legs.  I even have a brand new jersey, shorts, and gloves to bust out for the occasion.

I got home, put on my new kit and grabbed my pump to add some air to my tires.  I uncapped the rear valve, when HOLY SHIT.  The valvey bits of the valve are snapped right off!  How did I not notice this before?!  Well, nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of elbow grease, am I right?

After wrastlin' with it for some time (yay for Pedro's Tire levers), we finally ripped that puppy off.  Then began the depressing reality of inspecting the tire.  Bits were coming off the sidewalls and wire bead.  The reflective tape on the sides pretty much came off by looking at it. I had to accept it.  Years of riding through rain, dragging me and all my stuff around, being parked outside friends' apartments in the rain, and running over potholes had taken its toll and killed my tire.  So much for my bike ride this afternoon.

So now I'm in the market for a pair of tires - my front one has seen better days and it'd be nice for them to match anyways.  And my poor bike is sitting in the kitchen without one of its shoes on.  So, better start shopping!


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