Thursday, March 7, 2013

New tires! And a video on how to change them.

After a seriously long month and a half, my bike is back in the pavement pounding business!

We took a nice ride to the park and a hike and bike trail together.

I recently purchased a pair of the Continental Touring Plus.  I chose the tire because it seemed to have a really good combination of durability and value.  I've had good experiences with Continental tires, and for me personally the Schwalbe were simply more than I had available to spend.

I figured since I had a reason to change out a tire completely, I'd do my level best to make a tutorial of some sort on how I usually get the job done.  The creation of the video took way too long for me to just chuck, so here you go. In between being unable to film the actual action being performed due to needing both hands, my constant gesturing, shoddy iPhone video skills, and general mediocrity as a film maker, there's a lot of good information here!

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