Friday, January 11, 2013

Le Moustache et l'angle

I've noticed some dispute online over how to angle Northroad and Moustache bars and I'm beginning to understand why.  From what I understand, some people angle the ends down, and some people install them parallel to the ground.  On my Surly I'm starting to notice some wrist and hand pain that has developed from the fact my handlebars are currently set parallel to the ground - it's a pretty non-neutral wrist position when I'm on the bike.

My current hand position.  Note the bend.

Neutral wrist angle, "shaking hands".  I'd be more bent over while riding but I had to hold the windowsill to show this.
I got new Brooks bartape for Christmas, which I'll be adding soon and while I'm sorting out some details there, I'm pondering the appropriate angle for my handlebars.  I could really use some input on this from others who have used a similar handlebar setup.

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